Customer Price for Magento 2

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Customer Price for Magento 2

Set an individual price for each logged-in customer for each product individually. Set customer individual tier prices.

With Customer Price you can define customer specific prices for your existing (logged-in) customers. As well you can define a customer specific tier price for each product. On top of that you can use a date validation to promote prices only for a special time.

With Customer Price it's up to you if you want to show always the cheapest possible price for your customer or if you want to change that default configuration. As well you can define e.g. that if there is a special price, only this price should be taken.

Some working examples:

  • the standard price for a football is € 30,00
  • John gets the football for € 28,00
  • starting from a qty of 5+ he only has to pay € 25,00 for each
  • starting from a qty of 10+ he only has to pay € 19,90 for each, but this is limited from 1st until the 15th of june

The module does work perfectly beside your existing catalogue rules and shows the best valid price for each customer - as well if the catalogue rule is cheaper than a customer price. On the market since 6 years: 1.000+ happy customers worldwide

Special Price €578.84 €499.00 Regular Price €926.84

Core functions

  • Dateable (tier) prices for your customers
  • Set an individual price for each logged-in customer for each product individually. You can use the native tier price function which is also included in the module and define a from-to-date to restrict customer prices for a special time Change your customer price in 2 views: Admin Customer detail view and Admin Product detail view Customer Autosuggest
  • In order to get a better usability to manage customer specific prices you can use the search engine for customers, e.g. type in name, city or postal code and you get suggestions in the admin view of each product's detail page

Optional Features

  • 12 months upgrade service
  • 12 months import / export license (can be extended - just contact us)
  • This feature includes an additional script for importing customer individual tier prices from any system
  • Connect this add-on and your Online-Store to your ERP-System

If u are interested in implementing your system, we can help you. It doesn't matter if it's an in-house solution or a standard ERP software. Just contact us and take a benefit your our project knowledge in Sage Office Line, Büro+, SAP and many more.

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